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Jewelry Artist

Anik Jewel

website: www.anikjewel.com



Anik Jewel is a Jewelry Artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico where she lives to fulfill her passion for designing and crafting "all things" jewelry.  In Anik’s words:

“As God’s creations, jewelry is special and fabulous art to wear. Maybe that’s why everyone has it, is drawn to it, loves it, and wants more of it. When God created earth, he left deep inside the surface beautiful gemstones to be discovered by Man and made into jewelry. It is no wonder gemstones hold deep spiritual meaning, energy, vibrations and healing properties. These properties have been translated and perfected over thousands of years which is what I think of when I design and craft jewelry. Because I believe it is relevant, every one of my jewelry pieces comes with printed educational information describing the energy, healing properties, chakra, the meaning of the colors, shapes and if they are associated with a zodiac sign or birthstone.” *

At Anik Jewel it isn't just about a beautiful piece of jewelry. Equally as important is the way a jewelry piece makes you feel, the energy it gives you and the emotions it evokes.

The Anik Jewel woman...Inspired by Anik’s Daughter, CarĂ­n

  • She puts family and relationships first whether the family she chooses to surround herself with is by name or chosen by the heart.
  • She is a woman of natural style, polish and wants to look pulled together on her own terms, whether she is or not that particular day. Her style is easy; effortless. She doesn’t look like she tries too hard.
  • She is a woman who is easy on herself, forgives herself; a woman of substance, confidence, beauty and love who finds joy in everything she does.

Anik Jewel will help you discover what it is that pulls you towards certain gemstones. It’s that simple, at Anik Jewel we make it easy for you to find your special pieces by listing gemstone meanings by energy, healing properties, color, shape and even by chakra, and birth month. Every piece comes with a printed card, elegantly packaged and ready for gift giving.

Anik is completely self-taught and is always learning new techniques and exploring new gemstones. She is known for her geometric shapes and elements that produce fresh new modern 

designs. Her designs are sustainable, stunning, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces using only the highest-grade gemstones available.

Anik’s designs are special yet still everyday wearable and affordable. You can find Anik’s designs in her ecommerce jewelry boutique, social media and up close and personal through local New Mexico markets and art show events. To her surprise, Anik was blessed knowing that her ability to continue to use her fine motor skills necessary for jewelry making were preserved even after 3 brain tumors were successfully removed. This is why she donates 10% of her profits to The Barrows Neurological Institute Foundation where she was treated.

As Anik would say:

“Start Your Gemstone Jewelry Journey today by joining our community and "Curate Your Energy.” Feel the power of the gemstones you gravitate towards and why. Awaken your emotions.”

So, Ladies... until next time... Be Blessed - Be Bold,

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